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Image scanned from my World Heroes 2 Jet guide
You will often read lots of ranting and raving about this character being a "rip-off" of Capcom's M. Bison (Vega in Japan). However, these people seem to be lacking in common sense. Let's look at Brocken's design logically.

The title World Heroes implies characters who come from all over the world (not unlike many other fighting games). Germany needed representation. Judging from all the Japanese games, cartoons, and comics I have been exposed to, it seems that the idea of the German soldier is popular there. If a character is going to be a German soldier, it makes sense that they look like one.

Let's look at the following characters who could have possibly inspired Brocken:
1. Brocken Jr. (Kinnikuman)
2. Stroheim (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
3. The Terminator/Others

Also, each character in the World Heroes series is based off of a historical figure. Although Brocken could represent the idea of the German super-soldier, I believe that he might have been inspired by:
1. Erwin Rommel.

Well, Brocken is obviously partly an homage to the character Brocken Jr. from the popular manga/anime series Kinnikuman. Brocken Jr. is a German soldier, so he wears a soldier uniform. Brocken from World Heroes is also a German soldier, hence why he also wears a soldier uniform. Other than their name and clothing, the two characters are also similar in that their eyes are often obscured. Brocken wears sunglasses that cover his eyes, but in some artwork his hat obscures his eyes instead (like Brocken Jr.).

By the way, Brocken Jr. predates Capcom's M. Bison/Vega.


Terminator/Cyborg 004